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Some of these services are:

  • Respiratory Physiotherapy
  • Therapeutic Exercises for cardiac and non cardiac cases
  • Post-operative joint replacement rehabilitation
  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation
  • Patient and Family Education and counseling

The physiotherapist evaluates and provides appropriate treatment which includes:

  • Exercise prescription to promote healthy weight, cholesterol reduction and fitness
  • Hands on joint mobilization by manual therapy, soft tissue mobilization, stretching, strapping
  • Therapeutic exercise to maintain & improve joint flexibility, muscular strength, endurance, balance and coordination, postural awareness / correction and gait training
  • Exercises are taught so that they can be safely performed at home.

Rehabilitation Programs

  • Geriatric Care Program: This program caters to the elderly populations who have problems like multi-joint pain, frequent falls, osteoporosis, general physical fitness, etc
  • General Fitness Promotion:This caters to people who are interested in improving their physical fitness and preventing injuries. the aim is to promote healthy lifestyles, weight reduction and includes health promotion talks.
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation program:This includes exercise planning and prescription of a well designed exercise program for the post surgical cardiac patients for a healthier future

Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

  • This program aims to reduce symptoms and improve physical fitness of respiratory and post operative cardiac patients.
  • Physiotherapists work closely with the physician, intensivist and the nurse to:
    Prevent acute episode
  • Reduce hospital stay
  • Improve patient's level of fitness and endurance and gain their optimal functional independence
    Decrease further risk of disease or heart attacks.
  • Instill confidence to resume work and normal activities of daily living
  • Begin an exercise program that is safe and effective
  • This program is provided for inpatients & outpatients. Some of these services are:
    Aerosol Therapy: (Nebulization)
  • Chest Therapy: which includes Postural Drainage on specially designed postural drainage couch, Ventilatory Muscle Training, Endurance and Strength Training, Pacing Techniques, Relaxation Techniques
  • Self Care Training: Help to cope up with daily living activities
    Patient and Family Education: Patient information and counseling

Cardiac Yoga:

  • This is a unique service provided by Platina Heart Hospital which focuses mainly on the needs of heart patient.
  • Cardiac yoga is a system of stress management and health promotion designed specifically to target on:
  • Breathing practices, stress reduction, stretching, relaxation and body awareness techniques.
  • Cardiac yoga is basically artery gentle yoga exercises tailored to the special needs of people who have various cardiac problems, live with a cardiac condition or recover from cardiac diseases.It allows for the participant to stay seated while learning the different movements, and eventually working their way up to a full yoga routine.While exercising, patients use mats, pillows, chairs and other accessories to ensure general comfort and correct positioning

Benefits of Cardiac Yoga:

  • The low intensity seated yoga reduces blood pressure and stress
  • Prevents cardiac diseases